Strike DAO is an experiment in participatory governance of blockchain art institutions. The Ethereum domain of Bundeskunsthalle was squatted by artist Hito Steyerl and DoD. In the Strike DAO process we will vote on three models of future governance of this squatted domain.

The voting will take place as a quadratic voting process in which votes are allocated to express the degree of their preferences. Every participant voter is given a budget of 25 video stills that they can use to proportionally demonstrate the voter's support. I. e. one still equals one vote, four stills equals two votes, and nine stills equal three votes.

Three suggestions on how to run bundeskunsthalle.eth will be presented during a live event. Participants have signed up for the process in advance and received stills by mail as voting token. They can use them to vote either before the event or during the event - results however will only be displayed during the live event.

To display the results, the videostills of the original video Strike will be rearranged to reflect the voting process and the temporal order of the voting process. Thus the original sequence is jumbled by a participatory process. The new version of Strike is the document of the process.